FENAF 2021 – Latin American Foundry Fair

In 2019 FENAF – Latin American Foundry Fair reaches its 18th edition.
It’s 40 years showing in Brazil the latest in machinery and equipment for casting industry, as well as inputs and raw materials.
FENAF also brings together the main Brazilian foundries, companies highly capable of meeting the requirements of the most important international standards, meeting the demand of visitors from Brazil and abroad.
In these 40 years, the world has changed and the value added to the casting too.
Today FENAF’s focus is Industry 4.0 and how its disruptive technologies are able to shape the Foundry of the Future, always valuing its more than 56,000 employees, who make this base industry a great source for the country.
Join us in September.
We are waiting for you at FENAF 2019!

FENAF 2019

Informações / Information

Data Date

Data: 17 a 20 de setembro de 2019 Date: 17-20 September 2019
Horário: 13h às 20h Hours: 1pm to 8pm

Local Location

Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, localizado na Avenida Professora Ida Kolb 513
São Paulo-SP | Brasil

Realização Realization

ABIFA – Associação Brasileira de Fundição Brazilian Foundry Association

Comercialização Commercialization

Global Events
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